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Recipe for Luxury and Sustainability

It is our mission to provide the highest quality luxuriously soft sustainable and ethical styles that are not only beautiful but affordable. Most of our garments are comprised of a 50/50 Supima Cotton and Lenzing Modal blend. 

Supima Cotton has the reputation as one of the very finest types of cotton in the world. Grown in the USA, It’s  fineness and extra long staple length makes Supima a premium cotton fiber. It is used to spin finer count yarns, which can be knitted or woven into softer, finer and more luxurious fabrics, enhancing the feel and softness, drapeability and brilliance of color of a fabric. Longer fibers mean fewer ends, so fabric woven from pima cotton is far less likely to pill, ensuring that your garment will stay smooth and comfortable wash after wash. It will also have superior strength to a product made of upland cotton, which will improve the durability and increase the lifespan of the textile. While more labor intensive to grow, the extra effort is worth the result of much higher yielding crops which results in more cotton per acre, and a much higher quality product when compared to common upland cotton.

Lenzing Modal is a unique fiber that is extracted from beechwood and is naturally soft on the skin and exceptionally ecological. The way that beech trees grow is something truly special, they multiply by "rejuvenation" which means that the trees propagate by themselves. No artificial irrigation or planting is required. Thus beechwood forests are a completely natural and sustainable source of raw material. The fiber is produced using a "symbiotic" production process; the raw material is produced at the same site as the Modal fiber itself, which in turn allows production to conserve energy and other resources.Up to 95% of the production materials are recovered as a result of innovative environmental processes. The low fiber rigidity and cross-section of Lenzing Modal make the fiber unparalleled in softness in a completely natural way. Measurements of the softness factor show that it is twice as soft as cotton. The finer the fiber, the finer the textile becomes.