When Passion Becomes a Career Choice

When Passion Becomes a Career Choice

I recently read an article that was titled “The secrets to Career Contentment, Don’t follow your passion”. It tried to explain how following your passion is the worst advice someone could give or receive. It went on to read Don’t do what you love, Learn to love what you do.

Although there are many passions that will most certainly not transfer into a stable or lucrative career choice I can’t help but feel as though preaching ‘contentment’ as the goal is a sure fire way to ensure mediocracy and never reaching your potential.

With out passion and drive, what we are capable of dwindles in the background. Buried under the surface just waiting to be revealed.

Instead of the old advice of just follow your passion, which limits you to pursuing one passion. Why not make passion in general your career choice. Be passionate about EVERYTHING you do. If your life is full of your passions then your options are limitless.

You can be passionate about doing the best job possible

You can be passionate about the fine details

You can be passionate about the environment

You can be passionate about fashion, style, adventure, exploration, dance, yoga……

You can be passionate about doing good work.

So yes, you should follow your passions, but follow all of them. Mix and match and be open to getting creative in the ways that your passion can translate into a career choice.

Following your passion as a career choice opens all kinds of new doors. It allows you to pour your heart and soul into your work. It encourages you to keep going on those days that seem to test you the most. It allows you to make a difference in a way that is important to you. But in following your passions and making them into a career you need to remember that there will be ups and downs. Most of all remember that it might not be easy, but it will be far more rewarding than sitting around “learning to love what you do”