1. deep respect for someone or something.
2. To consider or treat with profound awe and respect; venerate:
synonyms: high esteem, high regard, great respect, acclaim, admiration,appreciation, estimation, favor

We do not believe that it is a radical idea that we as humans should to have a deep respect for all aspects of our lives, how we interact with not only each other but our communities and the environment, how we spend our time, how we think, how we support positivity, and how we choose not to support negativity.

Reverence Design was created with the primary objective of conducting business in a manner that is both environmentally and ethically respectful and responsible.The fact is that almost all of the destruction that is done to our earth is in the name of profit. And in the garment industry specifically, not to mention countless other industries, it is this same relentless pursuit of profit that has millions of people working in slave-like conditions, barely earning enough money to feed themselves. Because it is business that creates these situations, we believe that business is responsible for creating a positive change.

By highlighting the negative impacts of the garment and fashion industry, we hope to create such a change through consumer awareness. These businesses that are dumping toxic chemicals into the water supply and paying workers pennies a day all have one thing in common. They are trying to get us to spend as much of our money as possible on their products. They answer to all of us! If we come together and decide that they will not get another penny from us until they act more responsibly, then they will be forced to change. We must no longer accept these atrocities as “business as usual”. We must create a new way of doing business, where profit at any cost is not the only intent.

When it comes to the cost of a product, many of us are guilty of only considering the immediate cost to us, while overlooking the cost to the environment and the cost to those creating it.

These are the circumstances we must all consider when we are voting with our dollars because when we purchase a product, we are validating that companies practices, good or bad.

We also have to confront the seemingly simple problematic ideas, for example; why is it normal that of the millions of garments sold every day, they all include a hang tag whose inevitable destination is a trash can? Why do we as consumers view an item as “new” or more “valuable” because it includes this piece of garbage on a plastic string that we will surely discard immediately after purchase. These products are literally created just to be thrown away! Understandably it is used for item identification and ease of use for the retailer, but surely we can come up with a better way of doing things! You won’t find any tags on our shirts because we don’t believe that they are important, hopefully you agree with us! We want to challenge the status quo of what is standard and hopefully influence change when it comes to pointless waste in the industry.

These little things we don't consciously think about can make a huge difference especially with regards to trash and pollution! Our shipping method uses recycled materials for packaging and will forego the standard paper itemized invoice(unless requested), instead you will receive an email confirmation with a digital invoice. So please don't be alarmed when your order doesn't have a tag or a list of the products you purchased!

We at reverence design have a passion for making wearable art that in a manner that is respectful towards the environment, and humanity as a whole. We are striving to create not only a brand that provides a top quality product, but a community that is raising awareness about the repercussions of our current version of consumerism, and in the process supporting the people who choose to live with reverence.

We know that making a change to ethically and sustainably produced fashion is only a small step for our environment and humanity, but it is a step in the right direction. In addition we are committed to donating a portion of our sales to non-profits that are working to create a more healthy planet.

And finally, It is not our goal to simply drive sales by encouraging mindless consumerism. If you don’t actually need a shirt, you definitely shouldn’t be buying one, not from us or anyone else. But we do understand that people need clothing, and it is our goal to provide them with stylish, quality, and responsible clothing at a fair price, not just to our customers, but also to the workers in the factories and the farmers who grew the raw goods, and of course to the environment.

For a more in depth look at the impacts of fast fashion on people and the planet, the documentary “The True Cost” is a must watch.

Also, keep an eye on our blog for more info on how our decisions as consumers can help shape the future towards a more sustainable way of life!

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Thank you for your interest in what we do, please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them for you!